Who, What & Why

Nak Armstrong’s designs reveal the flow between ancient & modern, precious & raw, shadow & light, mystery & brilliance. His love of textile design & architecture becomes tangible through uniquely crafted pieces that appear to be mosaics of raw gems or tapestries woven of precious metals.

Recognized for his innovative metalworking techniques & an experimental aesthetic that is complex yet classical, Nak Armstrong has been a leading designer of heritage jewelry since the 1990’s. He debuted his eponymous collection in 2011.

Armstrong co-founded Anthony Nak in 1998, which he helmed until 2010. The brand won numerous honors including the Fashion Guild International Rising Star award, the Couture International Award for platinum, & the distinguished Swarovski Perry Ellis Award for new talent in the accessory design category from the CFDA.

The Nak Armstrong brand remains true to Armstrong’s strong aesthetic & offers new techniques that challenge the relationship between metalwork & precious stones.

How to Purchase

Our pieces can be purchased at retailers nationwide, including:






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